Oct 20, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 1: pain-ful journey

The day before we're to leave, i asked God to puff my to-do list because there's no way i'm carrying computer with me. Out of the blue, Mati complained he's left ear is painful. Migi has hearing-lose on his right ear so i silently panic! So there, my to-do list was puffed away. The "backpacking trip" has not made me forget about my task list but my kids can. 

So in a way, i'm thankful that i haz proof that i care for my kids over any thing because i seriously doubt myself.

Since it was already evening when mati complaines, i decided to just go to an ER to at least have initial check up. We had 2 ER trips, with one ER denying us because they do NOT have that "flashlight" to check ears but not before the nurse made me feel like a dumb by spelling out EENT to me ( anyway, another story for that). I mean crazy! Even medical students have it, there's no excuse thwy don't have 1. I'm not going to name the hospital but it's the newest in consolacion.

The next ER trip was to north gen hospital. Thankfully, they're able to do an initial check up. But advise us to go to EENT. I just learned that only Sotto hospital has 24-hour EENT in their ER. So there!

Our boat trip was 2pm, so i let go of the idea that we can still make it that day.
He has indeed rar infection due to colds. 

We're done a bit early at the clinic so we're still able to make it on time for our boat to bohol.

We're going to CDO via bohol and camiguin. I dunno why mark
Made that decision. I guess he just need to use his years of backpacking gear collection.

So the only thing that makes this backpacking trip is our backpacks.

Those bags contain the whole backpacking gear page of and (joke!).

I felt we're too old to be "backpackers." I mean there's no age for that probably, but yeah, whatever.

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