Oct 27, 2014

Mark turned 34 yesterday

(In response to mark's "I turn 34 today" birthday post

Thank you for remembering him. I mean who does not forget a person who always makes a point in having his presence known.

Like you know he posts about a blog his 34th birthday, so we would know.

He said he had / has been thru many battles. Can you imagine how it is living with a person who is always in battle?!? 

OMG! Did he just talk about limitations? I wanna cry. #huhubels Can you imagine living with someone who thinks he can do all the things he can think of?!? On top of trying to save your ass from his many battles, you also have to ready yourself of those impractical "goals" he will put his ass on.

He now accepts failure. Wow! Can you imagine seeing a loved one go thru failure after failure, and you feel helpless just because it's in his DNA -- failure, battles, no-limit-zoned?!? 

He can't be a lot of things. And he wants to focus on caresharing and family. Wow! Are those not a lot of things?!? Those are already a lot. He alone is already a lot to live with. 

He sees his self to live up to 80 years old. Oh God, please take me by 59. 

He said he is an entrepreneur, then he will be an adventurer. I wanna laugh. So what we have right now is the MISADVENTURES yet. Can he not say that he will also want to be a meditating zen buddhist who will just sit still in one corner forever?

He wants to be present. After messing with the future, he now wants to mess with the present. Oh "present" please tell him you're fine with him being in the future.

Yes, resilient and agile he is. Because he's never been sure and stable. Can you imagine living with someone who is all over the place?!?

Yes, we are in a trial trip! And he's been sick all the time. And, it's so damn painful seeing him trying to be "present" in his trial trip.

Yes, he has 3 kids. God bless their souls!!!

Ow he's writing a diary, and keeping a photo journal. Ow it will not be long. He's just saying that because he's trying to be "present" and he's already bored to death in his trial trip to be a backpacker and surfer dude. So don't worry, that will just pass.

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