Oct 16, 2014


There are those senior people in their field that I met, and was looking forward to learn from them. But unfortunately, (I could say) only 1 out of 5 can give a "senior" experience.

Sometimes, I wonder why this kind of service or that kind of product or that kind of style of doing things is not done locally. Maybe because there's really no need to "innovate?" Or maybe they innovate but the local market is not receptive of those new things? Or maybe they stop learning? Or maybe they just don't want to be uncomfortable of doing or introducing new or different things?

I guess for the very smart people, this is probably one of the reason why some work abroad. Or else, they will also plateau.

But I also admire those who persevere of staying here, and trying to force theirselves to go pass beyond the plateau.

(Photo from Cebu Fat Ass Trail Run, check my story at!)

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