Oct 27, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 9: the trail run

(All photos from celphone + random thoughts. CDO. )

So it's race day of ROX MAPAWA TRAIL RUN. Watch out for my story soon 

Did a bit of promoting the event, you somehow have a view of what happened behind the race. It's totally a different experience when you get to see what's behind it. And, yes, it was a paid promo gig. And yes, i would be happy to do it for free because i love trails, and hope that it will get more cities in mindanao to do trail running events not only because they have beautiful mountains, but i'm wondering if trail running can change the image of mindanao (not that they have image issues though) and maybe convert the "lost arms" to be trail runners (sorry if i have a wrong impression of the region).

It was Mark's birthday, and poor bebeboy was sick therefore he could not join the run. :( 

So I went home straight after i reached the finish line.

Lunch was leftover food from my breakfast which was served the night before. Then we went to Dave's Coffee beanery. I tried their "green coffee" which has 2 shots of espresso in your brewed coffee, which was good but still lacking the attitude.  Unfortunately, i haven't been inside a local coffee shop in CDO that serves coffee with that extra attitude. Disappointing to think they're just near Bukidnon or Davao?

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