Oct 21, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 2: BEE Present

Maybe because mark is reading "the paradox of time" by zimbardo (highly recommend this book) that mark's like talking about "be present" again and again. Or maybe bcause life lately gets so extra crazy.

Anyhoo, i tend to have this conversation inside my head always. And i guess that's why i "write" a lot. I wish, one time, that there will be an app that my thoughts will be encoded straight to the computer. I will be laughing reading my thoughts. I blamed it on my being "only child." I read somewhere "only-child" tend to talk to his / her self. 

So what's the connection of "be present" and my talkative mind? I blamed it for my having a hard to "be present." I can be so still but my mind is flying away all over the places.


Our best attempt of being present -- sitting at the beach. I guess this is our first time to "lounge at the beach." Mark has this "allergies" so we don't usually do this for the fear of him getting itchy and all.

(At alona beach, bohol.)
But we cannot beat them. 

Earlier of this day, we went to "blackforest restaurant" owned by a german chef in the hope to find "coffee."
He said he called his resto "blackforest" because he bakes the real deal "blackforest" cake because what we have here, according to him, is just chocolate cake. But we're not able to have the blackforest cake because he cannot make it on regular basis because of lack of ingredients.

We had his cheesecake though he admitted it's not that a-class ingredients. He had to do with what is available ingredients in Bohol. 
But i love his bread. Coffee was "owkei."
Blackforest resto Located near the Dauis bridge, before crossing to Panglao Island. Though owner said that they will be relocating near the town proper.

So Bohol is not really a coffee place, or maybe i miss it. But it has the best "tableya tsokolate," even the stalls in the public market can make that thick tsokolate drink.

At "The Buzzz" cafe by "Bohol Bee farm" which i would say is like any where in bohol!
So we stAyed at bohol bee farm, had tsokolate at the buzzz, and ice cream at their food truck! They're like eBEErywhere!

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