Oct 24, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 5: top spots from everyone's top checklist

(All photos from celphone + random thoughts.)

I got interested with "travel" because of "running." So my idea of going to a new place is to cover as many area with my feet. 

So i'd rather trek one place for a day than go check every must-see places in a list. But over time, i realized i'm asking too much for that for a "short travel." And i think "travel" does not really make me know a place because i think if i wanna know more deeply about a place, i need to invest time in it.

Anyway, mark with friends had been in camiguin a few times so i've seen a lot of photos of this place. And, serioisly, based on my social network timeline, i'm
Probably the last person to be here.

So on our 2nd day in camiguin, mark made sure that i go to every places they go which is every place i've been see in their photos! Horror!!! But he's sick, and i got too tired from all the commuting days before...

So let's get on the checklist of top 10 things of camiguin on everyone's list.

White Island
I could see it from the place where we are staying, and i could see how busy the boats are going there and back transporting people to have the most coveted white-island selfie. So yeah, i'm happy looking it from afar, and saving it for next coming here.

Random photo along the way

Cloud with attitude

If tarsier has equal billing with the governor in Bohol, dogs are for in Camiguin.

"Old Volcano" way

I forgot the "real name" but it's this typical "Station of the Cross" tourist attraction. I think "Station of the Cross" is an SOP in the Philippines for a place to be considered a tourist destination. There is probably a higher divine reason for it, but i just could not take seeing or posing with statues of Jesus suffering. 

But i love the trek. 
We "dated" on top of the last station (this is one of the reasons why i think it's not appropriate to make "stations of the cross" a tourist destination"). We probably stayed here for 30minutes.
I took a photo of "sunken cemetery" so i don't need to go there close.
The "Ruins"

I don't have a photo of it in my celphone. But the caretaker took a photo of us with this gorgeous giant tree while lying on tje ground. Mark and i got tongue-tied. @.@

Soda Pool

Because the water tastes like "soda" thus the name of the place. It tasted like coke added with lots of water, which i don't have a photo again. But here's mark at the "diner" beside the soda pool.


Because you cannot miss the lovely yellow color!

J&E fishpen and zipline

This was highly recommended by our foreigner resort-mate. But any thing with zipline, i should have trust my instinct, and avoid it. 

The lagoon was pretty except that those wires / harness from zipline is making it ugly! 

Casa Roca

Our last on our checklist for the day. We planned to have dinner there, and some coffee #chos.

I was really excited for the "coffee" when i saw they're using "french press" because i had not found any perfect place for coffee yet. But i haz sad when she poured like 4cups of hot water to what seems like ground beans good for 2 cups! @.@ The staff probably thought she's doing us a bonus! @.@
It has a beautiful view of sunset. 
Sunset here is probably not that o-so-stunning bursting with colors. But it's more of a peaceful / serene kind of sunset.

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