Oct 23, 2014

"Backpacking" trip Day 4: 200km land + 12hour water travel @.@

(All photos from celphone + random thoughts.)

I'm usually the patient person between mark and i. But today, i felt like mark is enjoying the 'slowness" of eveything as if he's like enjoying seeing me "tortured" with it.

The overnight boat ride from tagbilaran arrived almost 5am. Thankfully, he changed his mind and decidd we should take the tricycle instead of walking. 

Then for some reason, fate was playing along, we chanced upon the most chill bus ride. It's so chill like it took the bus around 2 hours for 40km. I wanna cry.

When we landed at the Balinguan bus terminal, i devour a kilo of rambutan! Balinguan is where we'll take the boat for Camiguin. There's actually a fastcraft in CDO, but mark wanted every thing slow.
Boarding on the camiguin-bound boat, ow that looks fancy! 
When travel takes so long, it kinda feels i appreciate more the "arriving." It took 200km of land travel via van, tricycle, bus, multicab plus 12 hours+ of boat ride, compared to a 45-min plane ride, i cannot help to be extra grateful upon arriving. But still i would pick any thing over overnight boat ride. 
It just dawned on me that it's Lanzones Festival when saw this dancing along the way to the resort. (I'm not so big about being in a place during festival.)
Mark's sick so we just had the rest of the day at the place we're staying -- Action Geckos. 
It's one of those accommodations that i like. No frills!

It happens to be one of the 2 places in camiguin that served "ok" coffee. 
The beach in front of the action gecko.
Action Gecko's homemade icecream and pumpkin cake. :)

Of the very few islands i'd been to, i think Camiguin tops on my list for now.

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