Oct 27, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 8: CDO

(All photos from celphone + random thoughts. CDO. )

This is The day before ROX MAPAWA TRAIL RUn 2014. I was not looking forward to moving around. I guess having been "travelling" in the past week took a toll or  i guess there was nothingg much i find worth checking in CDO. People kept suggesting water rafting or zipline in Dahilayan (which is actually already Bukidnon). I'm scared of rafting, and not a fan of zipline.

Having been here last year, i guess the only place i went to was Malasag, which is like the "tops" version of Cebu from my POV. 

Looking back, i did not really have any expectations of this trip, which turned out to be too long. As always, i don't have any itinerary. Mark does all those planning.

We went to lim ket kai in the afternoon to buy some food for the race. Then mark complained he's not feeling well overall. Be's having rashes in his legs, he's feverish, coughs and colds.

So we went home right after getting some supplies, and had coffee at the balcony of the place we're staying. 

He's too sick we had dinner served at our room. Then, he decided he's not going to join the Trail run any more.

Bummer! @.@ 

I guess, this was part of not-better days. Or i guess when i "travel," i always expect for things to be not-the-usual but then well that's demanding too much from "travel." 

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